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Artka Women Winter Fashion Ethnics Coat is – Best Choices for Winter Fashion Coats.

Through clothing, cold can be overcome if clever choose the appropriate type of clothing so that the daily routine is not hampered and you are also Fashionable Coats for Winter. Winter season is often used as a scapegoat for the obstructed routine.

Starting from the temperature dropped drastically until the body condition is not able to adjust the temperature. The Fashionable Coats for Winter are the perfect pick for cold weather to go away from your body, but not just any jacket that can support your performance in the activity.

The important thing that you understand does not choose nylon-based and polyester jacket because it cannot absorb sweat and you will feel the flame, itch, and even appear red rash on the skin. Choose a jacket or a coat made from cotton combed. The reason for choosing this material is because the basic material of yarn fiber is smooth, knitted and the appearance of the material is smoother and flat.

In order to support the appearance in the winter, choosing a coat or jacket is an important step in maintaining your fashionable style. You need to take into account the weather so that the jacket or coat you choose is not inversely proportional. When the weather is not too cold, you can choose a knitted cardigan. If the weather is cold, wear a jacket or coat made of thick and there is a thermal layer that serves to keep your body temperature. Well, choose a jacket and adjust the weather conditions you better do for fashionable coats of winter remain pinned on your appearance.

Before deciding to go outdoors, some things you should look for when choosing a jacket are below:

  1. Size of jacket or coat. Choose a coat or jacket that is the ideal size for your body. Do not choose a size that is too big because it feels heavier and disturbing the activity and appearance. If the jacket is small, you will have trouble moving and feeling hot. So, choose a jacket that is a little longer, but not too big and not too small.
  2. Look at the coating on the jacket. Layers often called isolation are very useful because of the exchange between body heat and the temperature outside. You need to choose a winter jacket that has a minimal insulating layer to keep your body’s heat stable and well preserved.

After reading 2 important points of the winter fashion advice, you can choose this Artka Women Winter Fashion Ethnics Coat.

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1.The SIZE of our brand is sort of SMALLER than the standard size, please be careful and see the detailed description. This item does not include any accessories.
2. Style: Retro / Casual / Comfy
3. Chivalrous series / 90% white duck down / Knitted patchwork pockets / Elastic belt cinched waist / Hooded collar

Main Fabric:
A: Down jacket fabrics (Polyester 100%)
B: Knitting (Wool 20%; Nylon 20%; Acrylic 20%; Polyester 40%)
C: Lining (Polyester 100%)
Filler: 90% White duck down

Net Weight: 0.94KG
Down Charge: S: 104.7g / M: 111.6g / L: 119.3g / XL:127g

Measurement: in inches
Difference within 1.2″

Size: S / M / L / XL
Length: 29.25″ / 30.42″ / 31.59″ / 32.37″
Bust: 37.44″ / 39.00″ / 40.56″ / 42.12″
Waist: 32.37″ / 33.93″ / 35.49″ / 37.05″
Shoulder: 14.82″ / 15.21″ / 15.60″ / 15.99″
Sleeve Len: 23.40″ / 23.79″ / 24.18″ / 24.57″
Bicep: 13.85″ / 14.43″ / 15.02″ / 15.60″
Cuff: 6.63″ / 7.02″ / 7.41″ / 7.80″
Hem: 47.58″ / 49.14″ / 50.70″ / 52.26″

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