Do All Men Dream Of London Escorts

By | December 7, 2019

When I first started to work for a London escorts agency, I soon realised that a lot of men who date London escorts harbour fantasies about them. They have been wanting to date London escorts for a long time, and for many of them, the dream of dating London escorts has become a bit of an ambition. Some men seem to fall for outcall London escorts more than others. For instance, men who I would call nerds really do have a thing about dating escorts in London.

But, do all men dream about dating London escorts? No, not all men dream about dating London escorts. Some men that I have met at London escorts end up dating London escorts as second-best alternatives. For instance, younger guys like to date London escorts because they may remind them of their favorite Japanese anime star or a young actress. Increasingly, young men seem to want to see if they can make their favorite anime stars come alive as it were.

What about older men who like to date London escorts? Yes, you will find that they also date London escorts for a variety of reasons. Many of them may date London escorts because they have come out of failed relationships, but then again, you get men who like to date escorts in London for entirely other reasons. The other day I dated a guy who told me that he had to meet me because I looked like his old girlfriend. I totally get that, he was trying to find his love again.

Do men date London escorts because we remind them of porn stars? Yes, there are some men out there who like to escorts in London because we remind them of porn stars. They have always wanted to go out with a porn star and may even tell their friends they have a porn star girlfriend. In that case, you have to be ready to share their fantasy with them, and sort of becoming part of it. It is okay, and you eventually get used to it. I think that there are some escorts in London who really do belong in the West End and would be right at home in some of the best shows. 

Does it help if you are a bit of an actress when you work for a London escorts agency? I think that helps a lot. When I stop and think about, I have lost count of how many different roles that I have played throughout the time I have been an escort in London. Do I still get a kick out of escorting? I do still enjoy and I think that many London escorts find it hard to leave the industry. It is a very specialised profession, and even London escorts find it addictive. I know that I am going to have a hard time giving up escorting in London, and the same goes for many other sexy girls in London. 


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